10 Best Gaming Monitors Under 15000

In this post, we’ll explore the 10 Best gaming monitors under 15000 with the most recent features, specifications, and a thorough review summary.

You can easily get a 24-inch Full HD 1920x1080p IPS monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 144hz refresh rate for around Rs. 15000 which is great for working, gaming, coding, and many other uses. Under gaming monitors or in this gaming sector, the market is flooded with brands. Even so, our specialists look at things like brand value, functionality, customer service, features, and feedback from actual customers. Made a list of the best gaming monitors under 15000.

Lets checkout the 10 Best gaming monitors under 15000 Rs 

  • Acer Nitro VG240YS

HD resolution in full (1920 x 1080)Amazing 165 Hz refresh rate for lag-free performance. AMD FreeSync Premium technology is integrated. Bluelight Shield Eye Care. Various game modes improve the watching experience. Stereo speaker built-in. Three-Year Warranty With a 23.8-inch FHD 19201080 Resolution, the Acer Nitro VG240YS is a high-performing and one of the finest gaming monitors for around 15000. That guarantees a fluid and precise gaming experience, even when you play it in the highest settings.

Every gamer encounters substantial problems with refresh rates, which means that even when your gameplay becomes intense, the performance of the monitor will remain fluid or jerky. With its 165 Hz refresh rate, the Acer Nitro VG240YS offers a lag-free viewing experience. The monitor has integrated AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which prevents screen tearing while reducing lag and latency to enable fluid and flexible gaming and an IPS panel that allows you to watch your display clearly at angles up to 178° without any change in the intensity of colors. When working late at night or for extended periods of time, Acer Vision Care shields your eyes with Bluelight Shield to prevent any significant concerns and problems.

  • Lenovo Gaming G-Series 

FHD (1920 x 1080) – IPS Panel Display, 23.8 inches. Amazing 165 Hz Refresh rate and 1 ms Response time provide lag-free performance. AMD FreeSync Premium Technology. EYE Comfort by TUV Rheinland for secure and extended gameplay. Gaming Customized, 3-Year Warranty

This Lenovo Gaming G-Series 60.45 cm (24 inches) FHD IPS Monitor is a little bit more expensive than average. This post claims that you may get it on the official Amazon website for an additional Rs. 300–400. It’s because I discovered this gaming monitor with the most favorable reviews and distinctive characteristics when looking for the best gaming monitor under $15,000 in my investigation. As a result of the monitor’s relevance to the list, I added it without giving the extra $300–400 a second thought.

The Lenovo Gaming G-Series monitor is 60.45 cm (24 inches) in height. This monitor offers you a 165Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, which is a respectable number for delivering a lag-free gaming or video editing experience. So that you can quickly finish your job and win every game, the monitor’s Premium AMD FreeSync Technology enables tear-free gameplay at optimal performance at low latency and low framerate compensation (LFC).

Regarding eye care, Lenovo offers flicker-free screens that reduce eye strain as well as TUV Rheinland EYE Comfort. So you may play video games for extended periods of time without experiencing any eye discomfort. Lenovo Smart Artery Software is present. This program assists the user in creating personalized gaming modes, displays frame rate and timer data, offers a crosshair capability for first-person shooter games, and, most crucially, self-learns to adapt the display.

  • Samsung Odyssey

When it comes to screens, Samsung doesn’t require an introduction. Samsung consistently provides the greatest display for the money, whether it’s on Super AMOLED smartphones or monitors. Whatever you want to do, you will have the finest experience with Samsung Odyssey. It features a VA panel and a 24-inch Full HD 1920x1080p display. VA Panels are renowned for their effectiveness. When compared to IPS panels, these panels may not be as excellent with colors, but VA panels may easily outperform IPS panels in terms of performance.

On the VA panel, which is always preferable while gaming, you will notice reduced input latency and higher performance in terms of reaction time. The display excels when gaming thanks to its 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms MPRT. While gaming, you won’t experience any input latency or ghosting. Additionally, this monitor boasts a respectable peak brightness of 250 nits for its pricing range.

The Samsung Odyssey has a pretty remarkable and alluring appearance. The bezels are narrow, which is always favored. It uses VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI 2.0 connections for communication. You have a stand that can pivot, tilt, and swivel in addition to being fully adjustable for height. If you want to place the monitor on the wall, it also supports a VESA wall mount. Samsung Odyssey examines every aspect of a monitor that you would be interested in.

  • Acer HA220Q 

For people who don’t need a large display and have a small workstation, the Acer HA220Q is appropriate. For purely professional use, the finest monitor under 15,000 should be considered. This is a wise course of action. The white monitor is also rather stylish and goes well with any type of workstation. You will immediately notice the 21.5-inch Full HD 1920x1080p IPS display, which looks simply stunning. Because it has a tiny screen and Full HD resolution, the images it creates are clear and detailed. If you compare it to a 24-inch Full HD display, you get a higher pixel density. The experience is greatly improved by the ultra-thin bezels. The generated images are vivid and brilliant with a peak brightness of 250 nits.

In addition, we have a 4ms reaction time and a 75hz refresh rate. This monitor is appropriate for emailing, writing, and viewing Excel spreadsheets. This monitor is not intended for gaming, so avoid using it if you have any gaming ambitions. Even though it has AMD FreeSync adaptive sync technology, a 4ms reaction time will cause undesirable ghosting.

Acer HA220Q is a fantastic monitor to choose from when taking into account the cost and features we receive. Although the design is sophisticated and pleasing to the eye, it is unquestionably not the finest gaming monitor. You’re set if you’re seeking the best display under 15000 for business and casual browsing.

  •  LG UltraGear  24GL650F

There are several gaming monitors available under the LG UltraGear line, which is quite popular. This is something you shouldn’t pass up if you’re seeking the greatest monitor from LG UltraGear around 15,000 in price.

When it comes to the display, it has a 24-inch Full HD 1920x1080p screen. The display employs a TN panel, a different type of panel that is renowned for its quick reaction time and low cost. LG is substituting a TN screen with an IPS panel in order to reduce the price of this monitor. The panel is excellent for gaming, but IPS is a better option than TN or VA if you edit photos, and videos, or perform color grading work.

With a 144Hz refresh rate, you won’t have any input latency when gaming and the 1ms reaction time on this monitor prevent ghosting. You may improve your gaming experience with a few gamer-focused features like crosshair, dynamic action sync, and others.

We have AMD Radeon FreeSync, which synchronizes the GPU and monitors refresh rate to eliminate screen tearing. It employs DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 for communication, and a 3.5mm headphone connector is available for adding headphones.

  • Lenovo Q24i-1L 

The most tasteful-looking monitor on this list is this one. The Lenovo Q24i-1L has incredible IPS display technology, ultra-thin bezels, and a contemporary appearance in addition to producing excellent images. The 23.8 inch Full HD 1920x1080p IPS display on the Lenovo Q24i-1L is available. It has a few features designed to protect your eyes, including an anti-glare display. Even in low-light environments, it provides Natural Low Blue Light that is soothing to the eyes and doesn’t cause any tension.

With the help of Lenovo Smart Artery Software, the monitor has begun to recognize your preferred usage patterns and change the brightness and color temperature accordingly. Additionally, this monitor has Eyesafe Display certification. We have a 4ms reaction time and a 75hz refresh rate in addition to health-related features. Since this is not a gaming monitor, the 4 ms reaction time is suitable for everyday operations including working, leisurely online browsing, creating presentations, using excel sheets, and composing and sending emails.

The Lenovo Q24i-1L’s bezels are incredibly tiny and have a stunning appearance. The monitor’s rear panel is also incredibly thin and can fit on any type of desk or area. The fact that this monitor still utilizes HDMI 1.4 while HDMI 2.0 is the industry standard in this price range is the sole drawback. You should give this monitor serious consideration if you’re searching for a gorgeous-looking, reasonably priced, and top-notch display for around 15000 in price.

  •  BenQ GW2780

The projectors and displays made by BenQ are well-known. One of the greatest monitors under 15,000 with a fantastic display and overall design is the BenQ GW2780. This is for you if you’re searching for a large 27-inch monitor for less than 15,000. It has a stunning 27-inch Full HD 1920x1080p IPS display as standard. This monitor is suitable for watching movies, surfing the web, doing business, programming, and other comparable jobs. Except for gaming, the 60hz refresh rate and 5ms reaction time are excellent. Clearly, this is not a gaming display.

The BenQ GW2780’s bezels are really thin and have a highly attractive appearance. Everything is constructed of high-quality plastic, and the construction quality is excellent. The handling of the cables is likewise excellent. Its Adaptive Eye Care with Proprietary Brightness Intelligence, which automatically adjusts the intensity of bright images and provides you with a calming, peaceful image without losing its essence, makes it ideal for work. The Angles of view are also excellent. The non-adjustable stand is a drawback. This monitor does not have height adjustments, which is a bit frustrating. Apart from that, the display is excellent, and the large size makes things much better.

  •  MSI Optix G241

The MSI Optix G241 is available for you if you’re seeking the greatest monitor under 15,000 and want one for both work and games. It is a renowned gaming monitor under 15,000 with an attractive IPS display and the MSI name attached. Regarding the display, it features a 24-inch Full HD 1920x1080p anti-glare display with an IPS screen.

This monitor’s IPS display creates some incredibly beautiful colors that are appropriate for any work. The colors seem vivid and brilliant whether you’re playing a game or editing photos. The MSI Optix G241’s display has a 95% DCI-P3 and 128% sRGB color gamut, which is excellent for the price.

The display may provide a clean, clear image in addition to color. On a 24-inch monitor, the Full HD resolution offers the finest possible image. In addition to color accuracy and output, the viewing angles are also excellent. Both the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178 degrees. The smoothest gaming experience is provided by its 144 Hz frame rate and 1 ms reaction time for gamers on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. Input latency or ghosting won’t be an issue while playing high-motion games. 

The MSI Optix G241 has AMD FreeSync adaptive sync technology, which maintains correct communication between your PC’s GPU and monitor, to reduce screen tearing and offer smooth frame rates. We have two HDMI 1.4b ports, a DisplayPort 1.2 port, and a 3.5mm headphone connector for communication. Make sure you are connected only through DisplayPort for high refresh rate gaming. Overall, the MSI Optix G241 is undoubtedly one of the finest monitors under 15,000 for work-related activities and gaming.

  •  Zebronics ZEB-AC32FHD Curved Ultra Slim LED Monitor

(32″) Wide Screen, 1920 x 1080 Full HD. Refresh rate of 75 Hz Very Strong Design and Slim Bezel. Internal Speakers. VGA and HDMI Display Input Three-Year Warranty The greatest curved gaming monitor under $15,000 on this list is the Zebronics ZEB-AC32FHD. This monitor has a very strong, elegant appearance. The monitor features a wide screen of 80 cm (32 inches) with an initial refresh rate of 75 Hz. We’ll talk about several aspects that make it better, despite the fact that it’s still not a wonderful figure.

The LED Monitor has a very slim bezel and offers two types of display inputs: HDMI & VGA. The FHD Monitor Display has a 16:9 aspect ratio and 250cd/m2 brightness. Additionally, this LED has built-in speakers. Although you can hang it on the wall using the included wall mount or use it as a standard desktop computer setup without worrying about it getting destroyed.

  • ViewSonic Vx2458-C-Mhd

FHD 1080p gaming monitor, 60.96 cm (24″). Curved screen design that is stunning. Refresh rate of 144Hz. This range has an excellent refresh rate. Reaction time of 1 ms. 3 watts per speaker, two combined. Sync technology from AMD. Warranty for 36 months (3 years). Another gaming monitor from the ViewSonic brand that is under $15,000 has a curved shape. A 24-inch (60.96 cm) Full HD display with 1920x1080x1080 pixels is included with the ViewSonic Vx2458-C-MHD. It offers an incredible 1800R curved viewing experience with panoramic pictures (also known as wide image experiences) in full HD 1080p quality and beautiful color.

With regard to the refresh rate and reaction time, this ViewSonic has an excellent 144Hz refresh rate that offers a smoother experience and may result in greater FPS. It also has a fast 1ms Response Time, which is a respectable number for a nice gaming monitor around 15,000 in price. Ah, this function is nearly always included in gaming monitors these days, but the advantages of this technology are rather striking. Smooth frame rates and a tear-free gaming experience are made possible with AMD Free Sync technology. Additionally, it enhances your editing capabilities; if you edit videos or photos, you could also see improvements. With HDMI and DisplayPort capabilities, it supports a variety of laptops, PCs, and Macs.


These are some of the best gaming monitors under 15000 that you can get for leisurely web browsing, work, coding, and gaming. The majority of the monitors listed above have an IPS screen and 24-inch Full HD resolution, making them the greatest pieces of equipment you can buy in this price range.

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