10 Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000

Many well-known companies, like OnePlus, Micromax, Realme, and others, have entered the earphone market and are renowned for providing earbuds with a tonne of features. These are the best Wireless earphones under 3000 and may provide you with rich bass or active noise cancellation, as desired.

These earphones are even more reasonably priced given the sub 3,000 price tag. Finding the best earphones, though, could seem like a difficult endeavour given the abundance of alternatives available. But don’t worry! The best wireless earphones are presented in this article. 

List of 10 Best Wireless Earphones are given below:

  1. OnePlus Nord Buds

In the smartphone sector, OnePlus is renowned for its superior customer service, but over time, the company expanded its product lineup, and earbuds are just one of them. Like its previous products, OnePlus earphones have received a lot of positive feedback from customers. One of the top Bluetooth earbuds under 3000 rupees in India is the OnePlus Nord Buds. The earbuds’ 12.4mm dynamic drivers provide an immersive listening experience. The earbuds’ unique selling point is its long-lasting battery, which provides 30 hours of nonstop use. The AI noise cancellation feature also ensures that any extraneous background noise is reduced. The earphone’s built-in microphone performs an excellent job as well

  1. Realme Air 2 Buds

The top smartphone brand entered the earphone market with high-quality, reasonably priced headphones. For the price, the Realme earbuds deliver excellent sound quality. Considering this, we decided to add Realme Buds Air 2 in our list of the top Bluetooth headphones available in India for less than 3,000. The Realme Buds Air 2 has a battery life of up to 25 hours and charges fully in two hours. The earbuds may be used in light water environments and during workouts because they are sweat- and water-resistant. All Bluetooth-enabled devices will connect smoothly and steadily thanks to the Realme Buds Air 2’s compatibility for Bluetooth version 5.2. Additionally, a dual mic for noise cancellation during calls is supported.

  1. TCL MoveAudio S150 

The TCL MoveAudio S150 is the next item in our list of the top Bluetooth headphones under Rs. 3000 in India. Although the company is a relative newcomer to the earphone business, the quality of the items is superb. With its very low latency, the TCL MoveAudio S150 is renowned for providing lag-free and fluid audio. The game experience also benefits greatly from the low latency mode. The innovative Bluetooth technology is also in charge of maintaining the audio stream. Touch response allows for simple control of the TCL MoveAudio S150. The earphones are comfortable to wear and low in weight. 20 hours of listening are possible with the earphones after charging the case.

  1. Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro  

The Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro is the next item on our list of the top Bluetooth headphones in India under 3,000. The earbuds are renowned for their incredible ambient noise reduction capability and the quad microphones for a high-quality calling experience. The 13mm dynamic driver provides deep bass and significantly improves the overall sound quality. Regarding runtime, the Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro has a 32-hour battery life, which is really impressive for the price. Additionally, any Bluetooth-enabled device will connect to these earphones with a steady and seamless connection.

  1. Soundcore Anker Life Note 

The Soundcore Anker Life Note is the last item in our list of the top Bluetooth headphones under Rs. 3,000 available in India. Users may think the firm is new, yet the earbuds they sell are of the highest calibre available at this price point. Four microphones are included in the earphones for crystal-clear calling. Furthermore, this earphone provides listeners with deep bass, greatly boosting the audio quality. The Soundcore by Anker Life Note offers excellent value for the money with a 40-hour battery life.

  1. boAt Airdopes 441 Earphones 

With the most recent Bluetooth v5.0, TWS Airdopes 441 Pro gives a truly wireless experience. These lovely earbuds have been ergonomically and artistically created to satisfy every music lover’s demand by providing amazing style with sports-focused, snug-fit hooks. It is a set of earphones that is a powerhouse and comes in a chic power case. A Type-C charger may be used to charge it. It has an IPX6 rating for water and sweat resistance to provide worry-free listening. BoAt is renowned for having a soothing tone. The 6mm dynamic drivers in the boAt Airdopes 441 dual wireless earbuds provide thrilling sonic enjoyment and immersive sound.

When playing music, the audio quality is as expected, but the bass quality is also excellent and powerful. However, for everyday use, it provides both calls and music with a crisp, clear, and crystal-clear sound quality. Until you have a significant battery backup, every single earphone is worthless. Keep your boAt Airdopes 441 connected to Nirvana for up to 5 hours of music playback each charge. Additionally, the carry cum case charge gives you an extra 14 hours of gaming. A single charge of each 35mAh earbud’s battery provides 5 hours of gameplay.

To charge the earbuds, you may put them in a capacious 500mAh charging case. Additionally, after 10 minutes of charging, your battery might reach 35%. You may receive an incredible battery life of up to 150 hours if you choose the boAt Airdopes 441 pro. The rest of it will be comparable, but they’ve taken use of the pro version’s longer battery life. The 441 Pro are without a doubt the finest wireless earbuds under $3,000 in India in terms of battery life, if you ask me.

  1. Wireless in-Ear Sony WI-XB400

When it comes to electronics, Sony has the best reputation. Their Bluetooth earphones exhibit the same level of excellence as well. You get additional bass and a rich musical experience with the Sony WI-XB400. It keeps voice purity while enhancing all low-frequency for outstanding bass. You will only experience thumping bass with these Bluetooth earphones. One of the finest Sony wireless earbuds under 3,000 available due to its incredible sound quality. Regarding battery life, the Quick Charge feature is excellent because it allows you to listen to 60 minutes of uninterrupted music after just a 10-minute charge.

Additionally, Sony plans to provide you with a battery life of 15 hours after a full charge. Before grumbling about its battery, you should consider the fact that it will satisfy all of your audio demands without running out too soon. Its lightweight design, which weighs just 21g, makes it considerably more user-friendly. When making hands-free calls, the built-in mic operates better. The most recent Type-C charging is supported. Along with supporting rapid in-voice access to a wealth of online resources, Google’s aid. 

  1. Sony Bluetooth Neckband 

Sony wireless headphones are also available for less than 3000 rupees. Both Bluetooth one-touch listening and NFC communication are supported. The cord is neatly managed with these neckband earphones. Every time you get an incoming call, the Sony WI-C400 vibrates to let you know. Your life will be made easier by having quick access to a variety of settings via the control buttons.

The sound quality is excellent and just outstanding. With 9mm neodymium drivers, the WI-C400 creates bass of the highest calibre. Because the audio is so crisp and clear, it’s a terrific alternative for hands-free calls and regular office meetings. The Sony WI-C400 earphone’s absence of active noise cancellation is its lone flaw, in my opinion.

From a battery and charging standpoint, each charge cycle provides 20 hours of uninterrupted music. This implies that WI-C400 is ideal for long-distance or daily phone calls to your loved ones. But the charging time is disappointing. More than 4 hours pass before it is completely charged. Most likely as a result of the large battery size.

  1. JBL C115 Bluetooth earbuds 

In contrast to the wired earphones you are used to, these ergonomically designed wire-free earbuds provide you with a pleasant listening experience. The finest connection and stability are provided by the most recent Bluetooth v5.0. The mono-bud functionality is supported. These low-latency earphones will provide you with the greatest video viewing experience.The JBL truly wireless earbuds under 3000 don’t have a waterproof design, but they do have a low-latency Bluetooth connection, allowing you to use them on your tablet while watching TV.

The 5.8mm drivers in the JBL C115 Bluetooth earbuds deliver the highest sound quality in their class; you’ll always appreciate the crispness and clarity, even at loud levels. You’ll receive deep, genuine bass rather than bass that has been artificially increased, and you’ll experience distortion-free music and audio with perfect tuning. You get an excellent call quality when the vocals are clear. It is simple to enjoy music with its JBL C115 without worrying about the battery. With a fully charged case, these wireless earbuds offer a total runtime of 21 hours. The battery life of the earbuds is six hours after charging. A further benefit is that they charge rapidly; 10 minutes in the case provides an hour of fun.

  1. boAt airdopes 621 

You should choose a big-size power case & rapid charging if you want your boAt airdopes to have ridiculously lengthy battery backups. Both are fundamental components of Airdopes 621. These earphones include an ergonomic design with BT v5.0 for faultless audio. The earphones connect thanks to IWP technology as soon as they are removed from the charging case (to the last paired device).

The boAt airdopes 621 are gym-compliant since they have an IPX7 waterproof rating. Splashes are avoided thanks to the sweat and water protection. Now put less thought into the security of your earphones and more into your workout.Smart touch-sensitive controls make it simple and quick to play/pause music or manage calls. Say “OK Google” or “Hello Siri” to activate a voice assistant with a single touch. 

The distinctive sound of boAt is present on every boat airdope sold in India. The heart-pounding listening experience created by the immersive sound is extremely fascinating. These boAt earbuds under 3000 contain 6 mm dynamic drivers for powerful bass. You can make hands-free, crystal-clear calls using the microphones on both earphones. However, there is either no or very little cancellation notice. Overall, it is a strong contender to be one of the top boAt airdopes under 3000 available for purchase.


Earphones are now often used for anything from listening to music to seeing virtual lectures. Choosing the best earphones for your comfort is crucial when buying in earbuds. There are several alternatives now available for around Rs. 3000. They are intended for the gym and sports, have good sound quality, and run without interruption. Here was the wrap up on 10 best wireless earphones under 3000. 

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