7 Best Google Authenticator Alternatives For Android and iOS

Google Authenticator is a useful application for privacy but if you are looking for Google Authenticator alternatives then you have come to the right place. Here we will see the 7 best google authenticator alternatives for android and iOS.

Google Authenticator is one of the most well-known applications for adding extra security levels to your accounts. However, owing to various issues it has, many users opt to switch to alternative programs. In this article, we will be discussing the 7 best google authenticator alternatives for android and iOS. 

Google Authenticator is not your only choice if you utilize two-factor authentication using one-time tokens produced in an app. Since the original Google solution was developed about ten years ago, a number of substitutes have emerged that perform better than it in terms of ease and usefulness.

It is missing one of the most critical features that customers require: app lock. Although a third-party app lock for Android may be used to secure it, this is not a significant solution to the problem. If someone unlocks your phone, he or she can use the app to view the codes. Although these codes are just temporary, they put items at risk. It is most likely the key reason you should seek an alternative. We have put together a list of the best google authenticator alternatives for android and iOS below.

Check out our list of the 7 best google authenticator alternatives for android and iOS:

  •  Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is one of the best Google Authenticator alternatives. Microsoft Authenticator provides simple and convenient two-factor authentication. This program works effectively to add a second layer of protection to your Android or iOS smartphone. All of your Microsoft products and services are available after you login in. 

This authenticator allows you to add several accounts, like Amazon, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and many more. It also supports TOPT, allowing you to keep all of your internets accounts secure. It’s basic, straightforward, and safe. Microsoft, like other authenticators, includes Multi-Factor Authentication. It implies that once you type your password, you will receive a second security layer. Good news: this authenticator has an app lock for further security.

  • Cisco Duo Mobile Authenticator

One of the first authenticator applications, Duo Mobile, was bought by Cisco in 2018. Its key feature is a simple, easy-to-use interface. Duo Mobile also conceals codes and does not require an account. However, the program lacks other critical features, most notably access security, which neither the iOS nor Android versions have.

For cloud backup, Duo Mobile employs two systems: Google Cloud on the Android platform and iCloud on the iOS device. Users’ current Google and Apple accounts are used for this, thus they do not need to establish a new account for the app to operate. Users cannot, however, sync data between Android and iOS versions, and the program does not offer file export.

  • MYKI Authenticator

MYKI is a password organizer and offline authenticator that was created with your privacy in mind. This program is dependable for safeguarding critical data and your internet accounts so you can rest easy. Even better, this program has earned the title of editor’s pick on PC Mag and has been hailed as a safe and superb option. Your stuff is sorted by MYKI. To ensure better information organization, it has tags. You may also make many profiles to segregate the various pieces of information. You can quickly filter and discover the information using the search option.

MYKI comes with a tonne of features that go above and beyond. You may retrieve the code whenever and wherever you want with this software because it operates without a data connection and works offline. Instead of being saved in the cloud, the passwords are kept on your phone.

  • FreeOTP Authenticator

This is a free authenticator app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. FreeOTP Authenticator adds additional security levels to the majority of your internet accounts. On Android and iOS, this software may produce Time Passwords, which work in conjunction with regular passwords. It renders your accounts unhackable. 

Many internet services, like Evernote, Facebook, GitHub, Google, and others, function nicely with FreeOTP. If your firm uses TOTP protocols, this software may also be useful. FreeOTP is the most similar to Google Authenticator among authenticators. It does not support an app lock or passcode to keep hackers out of this software.

  • andOTP Authenticator

The andOTP authenticator contains everything you could possibly need to preserve tokens in an easy and safe manner, and then some. Tag support, for example, is one of andOTP’s features, as is the ability to search for tokens by name. There is also the option to attach a “panic button,” which allows you to wipe all tokens from the app and reset it in an emergency. 

The app lets you examine your private key or QR code for each token separately. You may also store all of your tokens at once in an encrypted file in Google Drive, allowing you to back up to the cloud or export to a file with a single touch. App access can be restricted using a password or the fingerprint that you use to log in to your device.

  • LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator can handle your two-factor authentication. This program provides simple yet effective authentication to add a second degree of protection. It includes safe cloud backups as well as one-tap verification for complete security. It’s trouble-free and worry-free. LastPass has several features, including push alerts, changing codes every 30 seconds, SMS code support, and encrypted backup (optional). You can add numerous accounts.

When you need to log in, the authenticator adds an additional login step. Two-factor authentication improves your account’s digital security. If your regular password is hacked, the authentication prevents access to the account without the code.

  • Aegis Authenticator

Aegis is the best Google authenticator alternative available for download from the Play Store. This open-source, free program adds a second layer of protection to your internet services. It produces two-step verification tokens to operate with your password, much like other authenticators.  A number of features have been implemented to maintain your account’s security while also improving your experience. 

Aegis Authenticator has an encryption function to protect your OTP vault. As a result, hackers will be unable to extract any information from this password vault. This software provides biometric unlock as a substitute for one-time passwords, which is an improvement. But only gadgets with biometric sensors may use this function. The ability to move to a new device is supported by Aegis’ vault export feature, which is last but not least. Unfortunately, there isn’t an iOS version of this app currently.

This concludes our list of the 7 Best Google Authenticator Alternatives for Android and iOS. We hope you find this information useful. You can choose any one of the above-mentioned google authenticator alternatives which can increase the privacy of your device. If you have any queries feel free to ask in the comments.

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