How And Where To Share YouTube Videos

Users may share films on YouTube through a variety of interactive channels. You may easily share a video with people you know on various networks if you enjoy it and find it educational.

Here is how and where to share YouTube Videos. 

You may share your YouTube channel with your audience if you want to reach them on various social media channels. You may share YouTube videos in a variety of ways, including by email, text message, and social networking platforms using the YouTube web app or YouTube apps. You have the flexibility to share your original video or the content of any other creator with anybody on the internet if you establish a business channel on YouTube.

However, sometimes the most straightforward procedures may result in the greatest amount of misunderstanding, thus to totally clear up all the uncertainty, we have compiled a list of a few ways to share a YouTube video online. regardless of whether you create content or merely use YouTube’s ad platform, to accomplish your business goals. In such a situation, you may find any film that appeals to you and that you want other people to view it.

Know What Others Are Making in Terms of Content

Let’s say you want some content suggestions or want to advertise your company on a certain video. In such a scenario, YouTube sharing is one of the most beneficial tools you can utilize to share a certain video with your team and help them come up with some brilliant ideas.

You may also discuss it with your loved ones and provide your suggestions to get their thoughts on a certain notion. Sharing will make it easier for you to go on by letting you learn more about what other people think of the particular content item.

Copy the URL of Your video using YouTube’s Sharing Option:

On a desktop, you can copy the URL from the address bar of your browser, but whether you’re on a mobile device or a desktop, you always have the option to copy the link by selecting the Share button to the right of the video. To convert your YouTube video or download it to your mobile device, simply paste the copied URL into any program.

3 Ways To Share Youtube Videos: 

1. Share a YouTube video on Android

  • Launch the YouTube app on your mobile device, then choose the video you wish to share.
  • You have two options here. You may either press the video to open the video page and then pick the Share option, or you can click on the three dots that are displayed next to the video title and choose that option when the pop-up appears.
  • Regardless of the route you use, you will have a variety of options for sharing your film.

2. Share a YouTube video on iPhone

The procedures for utilizing a YouTube app to share videos on an iPhone or iPad are quite similar. The sharing options make the most impact, but in order to clear up any confusion, below are all the processes involved:

  • The first step is to launch the YouTube mobile app on your iOS device, choose the video you wish to share, and then either play the video or click the three dots to share it.
  • To share your movie from the iOS platform, choose one of the alternatives after pressing the Share icon.
  • Copying the URL will allow you to share your video on any social networking site. For instance, if you want to share a link in a Facebook post, touch on the post area and paste the URL.

3. Share a YouTube video from Desktop

It’s just as straightforward and quick to share a YouTube video from your desktop browser regardless of the OS system as it is to use the YouTube mobile applications. There are a few small variations, which we will demonstrate below:

  • On your PC, launch any browser and visit To access the video page, choose the video you wish to share and click it.
  • The three dots that are present when you see the video thumbnail and title cannot be used to share the video. The Share option may be found just next to the engagement statistics that are displayed on the video page.
  • A sharing window will appear in the browser, and you must then choose from the several sharing choices that are shown to you.
  • You may copy the video URL or post your video straight on a few popular social networking sites. The one-of-a-kind sharing option available to you here is the ability to embed the video on a page of your website, which will encourage website visitors to watch your YouTube video.

Some Places to Share Your Youtube Videos:

Only half of the battle is won when your YouTube video is published. To guarantee that people can discover your video, which will assist improve views and ratings, you must advertise it. The easiest strategy to spread awareness of your YouTube videos is to manually share them with others.

  • Facebook

Once your YouTube video is uploaded, Facebook should be the first place it gets mentioned. If your YouTube channel doesn’t already have a Facebook profile, you should create one immediately. Most likely, those who “like” your Facebook page will also subscribe to your YouTube channel. Through Facebook, you may still contact them even if they don’t subscribe. In order for your friends and eventually, their friends to watch your films, you may also post them on your main Facebook page.

  • Twitter

Twitter delivers the second-highest level of interaction in any market where you are producing videos behind Facebook. Twitter may work wonders for you if you just make sure to include the proper call to action description. You should use Twitter to build brand recognition for your specific YouTube channel.

  • Blog

Let’s move on to more direct methods of participation now that the obvious big social media platforms have been covered. You should include a sidebar widget on your blog that displays your most recent YouTube videos if you also operate a blog about the videos you post on YouTube. If you have a WordPress website, a decent plugin for this is YouTube Channel Gallery.

  • Tumblr

Another excellent resource for discovering intriguing multimedia material is Tumblr. If you successfully create a blog on Tumblr, you will have another opportunity to get consistent visitors.

  • Playbuzz

One of the forms Playbuzz gives for producing interesting content is video snaps. You may make snapshots of several films and distribute them to the public. In essence, Playbuzz allows you the chance to promote many films at once.

  • Reddit

Yes, Reddit is a challenging platform to promote YouTube videos, but if done well, it can be quite successful. You need to choose the appropriate subreddits in your specialty before making a post for your video that won’t give people the impression that you’re just advertising. This does need a lot of thought and study, but if you approach it correctly, you may receive thousands of views, much as Hydraulic Press did.


These are some of the best platforms to share YouTube videos, and posting videos there is also rather simple. Make sure to provide an interesting description of your films when publishing them on these platforms to draw viewers. Here was the wrap-up on how and where to share YouTube Videos. If you know of any more great ways to share YouTube videos, please let us know in the comments.

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