How To Increase Watch Time On Youtube

Your videos are more likely to appear in YouTube’s search or recommendation features the more people that watch them. Here is how to increase watch time on Youtube. 

YouTube can help your company reach a tonne of new clients because it is the largest platform for video content on the internet. However, it might be challenging to keep viewers interested in your YouTube videos. So let’s get started and demonstrate how to increase watch time on YouTube. 

You’ll need something unique to stand out among the more than 500 hours of video footage that are posted every minute. For this reason, we’re giving you our guide to the top techniques for lengthening your YouTube viewing sessions. These tried-and-true techniques will guarantee that your audience will continue to consume your material. 

Tips To Increase Watch Time on Youtube: 

  • Make content about long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keyword searchers are more likely to intend to watch videos through to the conclusion. Long-tail keyword-focused content will draw these particular users and lengthen your average YouTube viewing duration.

Examining the list of YouTube’s suggested keywords is one of the simplest methods to find long-tail keywords. These recommendations are based on user preferences.

People looking for “online marketing” videos, for instance, are casual viewers in the figure below. They’re only investigating the area. People who search for things like “internet marketing for beginners” and similar subjects want to master a certain skill.

  • Add a captivating introduction

The value you promised in the title and thumbnail should be reflected in the video’s introduction. The opening 15–20 seconds are critical. They must meet the viewers’ expectations for them in terms of being entertaining, engaging, and up to standard.

The video’s opener has fascinating video excerpts, before-and-after shots, and even bloopers. Such previews draw viewers in right away and offer them a taste of the content. Everything is dependent on the kind of videos you produce. You should only use the channel intro or your own intro clip after an engaging intro clip.

  • Utilize pertinent thumbnail pictures

The first thing a person sees in their feed or search results is the thumbnail of a video. Therefore, video thumbnail graphics need to be appealing and encourage clicks (or taps).

The finest thumbnails are those that immediately convey what a video is about. Clickbait photos should never be used. Although such graphics can persuade visitors to click on your movies, you won’t be able to keep them as watchers.

Here are some pointers for creating interesting thumbnails:

  • Include relevant photographs to the topic.
  • Size text such that it is easily readable.
  • Utilize colors that stand out.


  • Create Playlists Using Themes

All relevant videos are collected in themed playlists in a logical order. Your audience will be able to access all pertinent films in one location and watch them sequentially. So creating playlists might be a good way to increase YouTube watch time.

By initially organizing your films into groups, you can create playlists quickly. For instructional films, for instance, you may create step-by-step playlists that go from basic to intermediate. But be careful to take off all branded outros and intros from those videos. Why? Repeating those moments can only drive your audience away.

  • Collaborate

To communicate their tales, team up with like-minded individuals who have the same goals and objectives as your company. By collaborating, you may grow your audience and lengthen viewers’ sessions by attracting people who would otherwise visit your partners’ video channels.

  • Publish longer videos

To achieve the same total watch time as a longer film with fewer viewers, a shorter video requires a larger audience. Longer films allow you to make them more specialized for your target demographic while still obtaining a view time that YouTube’s algorithm appreciates.

  • Employ YouTube Analytics

You can gain some amazing insight into the micro and macro views of your videos and channel by looking at your YouTube stats. Viewership can be seen in terms of days, hours, etc. Additionally, data about the videos themselves are available. The drop-off times should be of special concern. After that, you may review the text prior to those timestamps to see what could not be functioning properly. You may use that knowledge to update those videos and create better ones in the future.


Increasing your watch time is a guaranteed technique to get YouTube’s algorithm’s attention. Your videos are therefore more likely to show up in suggestions and search results. Even though it could take some time to apply everything, if you focus on each one individually, you should start to notice a positive boost. We believe the information about average YouTube Watch Time and methods for increasing it is sufficient. Moreover, if you still want assistance with viewing. Here was the warp on how to increase watch time on Youtube. 

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