How to Try Out Netflix Experimental Features

Netflix is without a doubt the number one streaming service available right now. Here we will see how to try out Netflix experimental features.

Although the firm may occasionally introduce new features to Netflix, such as “Netflix Games,” it may not do so as frequently as a service like Google Maps. Netflix is a platform that is continually developing in order to satisfy current users and attract new ones. Netflix is far from ideal, as there are many useful features that are missing from it, but your behavior should eventually result in improvements. In this article, we will be discussing how to try out Netflix’s experimental features.

 The “Test Participation” program from Netflix is useful in this situation. Netflix’s Play Something button is one example of a new feature that had a brief beta test before being made public by the company. In addition, Netflix heavily relies on testing to decide on button placements, UI, UX, movie art, and other elements. Let’s examine how the Test Participation feature can help you acquire access to these experimental features before everyone else.

What Is Test Participation on Netflix 

You can opt into the beta testing group on Netflix by using the Test Participation option. Most apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and others, let users sign up for beta testing so that they can verify the new version and make any necessary final adjustments. In the instance of Netflix, unless the firm has carried out the upgrade internationally, the average user will not see the UI/UX improvements or any new features.

By signing up for Test Participation, you authorize Netflix to send you all of these updates prior to the global deployment. It allows Netflix to determine whether the adjustments benefit the users. Smaller changes, such as the location of the movie/series title, are being tested to see whether it enhances click-through rate; more on that later.

If a feature proves useful to the company, it is usually included in a general update. Otherwise, the feature is discarded and will never be seen again. That is, by opting for Test participation, you will be among the first to enjoy a new function. Otherwise, you can see what Netflix tried that didn’t work. It is also worth noting that the test features are distributed at random to users. As a result, you may not notice all of the new features right away. First, let’s look at how to enable the Test participation function. Later, we’ll go over more examples and how Netflix makes good use of the test.

How to Enable Test Participation on Netflix

To access the most recent Netflix features, you must opt-in to receive testing and previews. When you create a new account, the option is usually pre-enabled. However, there is a potential that you will be opted out by yourself or someone using your account. So, here’s how to enable Netflix’s Test Participation function:

  1. Open a browser and log in to the Netflix website.
  2. Hover your cursor over your profile image and select Account.
  3. Scroll all the way down and click on “Test Participation” in the Settings section.
  4. To finish, toggle the button on the right side and pick Done.
  5. You become eligible for future test sessions by turning it on. The setting, however, does not apply to security, anti-fraud, or enforcement testing. You will still be able to notice potential changes before a regular viewer and contribute to Netflix’s improvement.

Participate in tests to gain access to Netflix beta features

This is how you may enable “Test Participation” on Netflix and use your account to test out the service’s experimental features. Testing out changes in beta is a popular activity, so why not start using beta features right now if you enjoy being a part of Netflix’s test group? You might take part in a lot of tests at once.

A department can use an internal tool provided by Netflix to keep track of the experiments being run by other teams, preventing a user from being subjected to several tests that contradict one another (e.g., two tests that change the placement of the same button). These trials may last several days, weeks, or even months.

Why Do Netflix Experiments Develop and How Do They Work?

Netflix is motivated by the concept of prioritizing consumer choice and control over the entertainment experience. For example, in the previous decade, Netflix’s user interface has experienced significant change. It had a static UI design with limited navigation possibilities in 2010, which was inspired by DVD rental store shelves.

However, the experiment has assisted Netflix in developing a video-forward UI, which has resulted in a greater click-through rate and a rising number of viewers each day. The same is true for numerous other updates, such as button placement, movie artwork, call-to-action language, streaming quality, data plans, and everything else connected to Netflix’s streaming platform.

Making decisions is easy, according to the Netflix technology blog; what’s difficult is making the proper decisions. As a result, rather than allowing leaders to make all choices, employing an expert team, holding internal team debates, or emulating the competitors, Netflix depends on data. It employs A/B testing to determine whether strategy is superior.

Popular Netflix Test Features

So far, we’ve learned how Netflix tests new concepts and explores them before making them a feature. It considerably reduces the likelihood of failure. Now, let’s look at some examples that Netflix tested repeatedly, as well as a handful that made it through the trials and proven to be a useful feature.

  • The company recently conducted a test for users who want to share their Netflix account information with friends. If your application is approved, you will be able to share your Netflix account with others. Something the firm has tried and failed to restrict for years.
  • Netflix is now testing a Tik-Tok-style short video feed on cellphones called Fast Laughs. If it is successful, the corporation may release it for other devices as well.
  • Changing the text on the homepage’s call-to-action button to see which generates the most conversions.

The test’s few participants were given access to special capabilities including the Next Episode button and the Shuffle-play button. You are still a part of small A/B testing even if you haven’t chosen the Test participation program. A call-to-action text is one illustration. The button’s text changes depending on who opens the Netflix homepage, as seen in the image below. The same is true with movie artworks, which are produced with consideration for the kinds of thumbnails that viewers frequently click on.

How many experiments does Netflix run?

Any new feature that Netflix is testing with regular users is known as a test. For instance, Netflix turned the Play Something button from a test into a feature. Similarly to this, Netflix is actively investigating customer interest in charging extra for the ability to share an account. Hundreds of tests can be carried out simultaneously by Netflix. The majority of them are completed by a team of employees. However, a few of them, such as title card size, title positioning, movie artwork, and others, are continually put to the test by people all around the world.

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